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Yigo18 shopping mall seller rules



Welcome to Before being seller member, you confirm your understanding of these Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”). If you have query, please communicate with customer center. We will explain all of Terms and Conditions to you. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions of use, please do not join. Or you will be regarded to agree and accept these Terms and Conditions.


Chapter I. Application and Acceptance of Terms

1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the Site. It is valid to you after submitting your application.

2. This document is a legal binding agreement between you as the seller(s) of the Site (referred to as “you”, “your” or “seller” hereinafter) and WEI WEI GROUP (THAILAND) CO., LTD (referred to as “we”, “our”, “Yigo18 shopping”, and “platform” hereinafter).

3. “Yigo18 Shopping Agreement” (or “Agreement”) and “Yigo18 shopping Mall Seller Rules” (or “Seller Rules”) are required to be as complementary agreement. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between “Agreement” and “Seller Rules”, the Seller Rules shall take precedence over the Terms.

Seller means the person who launches products on Yigo18 shopping mall. Seller is required to obey rules as below;

a. You agree that you action follows the Terms and the Agreement.

b. You agree not to undertake any action to undermine the local law, administrative regulations and other rules

c. You are required to understand the buyer’s market during the transaction and assist buyer to reach the deal.

d. You agree not to post any prohibited and restricted goods

e. You are required to respect Intellectual Property, not to post or release any product which not gets approval from the third party.

You are required to be honest and to fulfill your commitment in time. Any dishonest behavior such as fake deal, fake shipment or unmatched samples are forbidden. Details please refers to the Transaction Conditions.


Chapter 2 Seller Generally

1. Under the Agreement, you shall be a limited liability company or a company limited by shares, or a natural person established, maintained, or normally operating in accordance with the laws of various countries in China or the ASEAN countries, and may get the certification by Yigo18 shopping.

2. You confirm and warrant to Yigo18 shopping that all information provided to the platform is accurate, true, valid and up-to-date during your registration and follow-up business, including but not limited to natural person’s identification, enterprise registration documents, trademark registration documents, authorization registration, company and legal representative information etc. Or otherwise, Yigo18 will terminate and reject your registration. If information is found not to be accurate, true or valid, we reserve the right to terminate the service and to cancel your account. We have the right to classify you into the list of non-trustworthy customers and refuse to offer you with other services in the future.

You confirm and warrant to Yigo18 shopping that you will abide to the Terms and all rules of the use agreement of the platform after your registration approval. You will not to sell fake goods and to make fraudulent qualification. You are required not to have long-term of sales of inferior goods, or to have other serious influence on customer experience and the platform’s operation business. Or otherwise, you agree to accept the punishment imposed by the platform in accordance with the relevant terms and rules. The punishment includes but not limited to cancellation your account, closing up your e-shop in particularly serious circumstance.


Chapter 3 How to join

1. Application for the E-shop

1. You can submit the request to sell on Yigo18. One registered account for one shop.

2. has the right to independently invite enterprises to open stores in the platform. Invited enterprises are required to finish registration, settle-in and to operate business according to the Terms and the Agreement.

2. Business Scope, Business Category and Main Classification

1. divides the industry into different business scope. Each business scope sets up different business category. And each business category has different main classification.

2. Except specific rules or terms, each store in the is allowed to establish multiple business. And one or more business under the business scope is available.

3. For special category, the platform adopts an admittance system that allows sellers to get the commodity management authority for the special category as long as sellers are approval to manage any of the main category of business scope of the special category.

3. General Access Requirement

1. Sellers are required to post or display 10 goods for sale. And these goods are reviewed by the platform. Sellers may confirm and ensure:

1. The uploaded 10 items shall be on-line sale at least 1 year after you settle in the platform.

2. The uploaded 10 items shall be featured products of the brand, which can help the platform make basic judgement on the product style and the brand status of the stores.

3. After approval, if sellers upload various products, please ensure that the style and the quality of the products are basically the same as the samples.

2. If the platform finds and determines that the actual sales of goods is seriously inconsistent with the uploaded sample list, the platform has the right to ask to rectify, to freeze operation until to close the account, according to severity of the violation.

10.Special category and its Qualification Requirement

1. Due to specialty for these categories, you are required to submit relevant business qualifications. Special categories and qualification to be provided vary according to the requirements of different nations

2. Due to specialty for these goods, you are required to submit relevant certificate No. The platform will verify the authenticity and validity of certificates regularly. If any fraudulent suspect or indiscriminate filling, the platform has the right to remove the goods at any time, to restrict the operation authority of your shop, or to close your account etc.

5. Join

1. After you submit your application, our colleague will verify all of the materials. You will be approval if it’s correct. And you will enjoy services provided by the platform, including the release of goods, collection and payment etc.

The platform will forbid the account to join in if your application affects the security of transactions.


Chapter 4 Limitation of Sellers’ trademark

1. Brand and trademar

1. Trademark means the trademark that have obtained the Trademark Registration Certificate or the Trademark Acceptance Notice issued by State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China

2. Under the business category, sellers can provide a trademark registration certificate, authorization letter or commercial invoice. Or you may not provide such documents. However, any responsibility for not offering such document should be borne by you. And the platform will not bear such responsibility.

2. Sellers shall not operate brands with high disputes, high complaints, and low recognition.

3. Limitation for access and operation of restricted trademarks

1. Seller do not sell related trademarks ("restricted trademarks") that are suspected of unfair competition, that is, they belong to any of the following types of trademarks or brands:

1) Brands that are same or similar to the existing brands, channel, business, and category etc. of Yigo18

2) Brands that includes industry names, common name or industry search words.

3) Brands that includes prominent personalities and place names.

4) Brands that are same or similar to well-known brands

5) Pure graphic trademarks

6) The industry that manages brand based on close management rules, does not belong to industry invitation brands and has not passed by brand verification.

2. For the application of restricted trademark products, reserves the rights to reject or terminate your application. For posted restricted trademarked products, Yigo18 reserves the rights to ask sellers to drop off such products.

4. Other business restriction for trademarks and brands

1. The platform will have the right to remove the products if the brand exists the following conditions:

1) Branded products are found not to meet the mandatory standards of the nation, local, industry or corporation by Yigo18 or the third-party agencies.

2) Brands are deemed to counterfeit, to likely cause confusion, or to be misidentified by customers

Brands are proved to high dispute rate, high complaints, low recognition by market. And the average score of the brand is extremely lower than the average level of the industry, which seriously affects the customer experience, but it is not apparent improvement within 1 month after informed by the platform.


Chapter 5 Annual fee for technical service and standard of commission

1. You shall pay annual fee for technical service (hereinafter referred to as the “annual fee”) due to technical service provided by, such as online release of information and transaction service. Annual fee is equivalent USD                               for each shop.

2. Payment of the annual fee

1. Sellers that join in the platform before December,31st of 2019, you are exempt from the annual fee of 2018、2019  and pay the annual fee of 2020 starting from January 1, 2020.

2. Sellers who have joined in the platform since January 1st of 2020 shall pay an annual fee of 2020 within 3 month, after they have been admitted. So on and so forth.

3. The annual fee is settled based on the natural month, since January 1st of 2020.  If the seller actually does not have a full year of business, and there is no provision for any breach of contract and the violation,  the account will be based on the actual period of settlement (calculated on a monthly basis, and calculated on a monthly basis for less than one month, no charge for withdrawal in the current month). The annual fee is deducted, and the refund will be returned for the period of service not yet provided. For example, the annual fee for entry is equivalent to USD 1,200. If the seller applies to join in February 2020 and pay the equivalent of USD 1,200, and then apply for withdrawal from the clothing accessories in August, the seller may refund the annual fee of 1200-1200/ 12*6 = Equivalent to 600 USD. Fees will be refunded to your account within 30 days of the date of your application for withdrawal.

4. If the seller is punished for the following reasons, the full amount of the annual fee will not be refunded, and the annual fee for non-provided technical services will be deducted as a penalty:

a)  Seriously violated the agreement, seller rules, and terms etc. (such as selling fake goods, selling speculations, or seriously disrupting the platform, etc.)

b)  Under this category of management, products are not affiliated with that category of operations, and the seller circumvent the “” category approval policy.

c)  The seller is punished due to the fraudulent means to conduct annual sales fraud.

5.  If there is a refundable annual fee, it will be refunded to your bank's bank account number.

18. Commissions: Sellers are required to pay commission to the platform based on a certain percentage of their sales, (refers to “Rates”). The commission rate is 12% of the transaction amount.


Chapter 6 Release and trade of commodity

22. The total number of goods you can release online is 100 after you finish registration.

23. Any product you post must comply with the seller’s rules and terms. They must comply with local laws, regulations, and policies.

24. Photographs shall be released under its category and its sellers’ terms and condition, including but not limited to uploaded pictures.

25. Transactions can be carried out after your application gets approval. Some processes shall be completed including receiving orders, payment collection, shipment and delivery.

26. Overdue transaction 

   a. Overdue payment for buyers: The order will be closed within 20 days from the time the buyer placed the order, if the buyer did not pay or the payment did not arrive.

   b. To cancel order for buyers: buyers can apply for canceling the order from the time when the buyer's payment is successful but before sellers’ shipments. After buyers apply for canceling the order, Sellers may negotiate with their customers. If customers agree to cancel the order, the order will close and the full amount will be returned to customers. If sellers do not agree to cancel the order and have completed the delivery, the order will continue. If sellers do not perform any operation until the delivery time out, the order will close and the full refund to the buyers. If sellers perform part of shipment, and do not complete the whole order shipped in the delivery time, the order will close and the full refund of payment will be returned to buyers.

  c. Overdue shipment: The period from successful payment of buyers to lead time, if sellers cannot ship the goods in time, they can negotiate with buyers to apply for the extension. The seller must send it within the negotiation period. If sellers do not complete all shipments within the delivery period, the order will close by overdue shipment. And Full amount of refund will be returned to buyers.

27. Sellers may choose the logistics provider from the platform and upload the shipping documents for the platform and buys tracking logistics information. If sellers do not use the logistics provider from the platform, it should also upload the shipping documents for the platform and buyers tracking logistics information.

28. Sellers shall confirm the pricing of goods in the release of goods. The pricing of goods shall include tariffs, logistics costs.

29. To ensure the transaction security of Yigo18 platform and to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the buyers and sellers, payment and collection shall be proceeded on the platform. The time for collection and payment shall be:

1. After the buyer places the order, the payment will be made to the account of the platform and the platform will temporarily hold the payment.

2. After the seller completes the shipment and the buyer confirms the receipt, the platform will confirm the payment with the buyer and transfer payment to the seller’s account after approval

a) Payment is made within a certain period of time after shipment, the fastest time for payment is 3 days after delivery;

b) Make payment after the end of the buyer's protection period;

c) If the account is closed and there is no breach of contract, the payment will be made within180 days after delivery.

2. The platform will reserves the right to delay the payment time if the orders have disputes, refusal to pay, fraud etc.

30 The platform will punish any irregularities such as spurious shipment, fraudulent credit and sales, directing off-line transaction etc. Sellers will be punished by the platform according to the sellers’ terms and rules


Chapter 7 Restriction and Retirement

31. Based on the agreement and terms, the platform shall have the right to restrict and retire sellers’ operation if behaviors of the seller seriously affect consumer experience. Behaviors including but not limited to those who have evidence to prove that the sellers use the platform to engage in sales of fake and shoddy goods.

32. Where a seller issues a non-operating category-owned commodity under the category of major business operations, avoiding the platform’s category access policy, or the seller committing fraud through annual sales, the platform has the right to impose penalties for restricting the release, temporary freezing, or closing of accounts.

33. If there are any serious violations such as selling fake goods, speculation or fraud, their accounts will be closed by the platform. Or otherwise, the seller will be retired from the business category. For sales of counterfeit goods, fraudulent qualifications, etc., which have been retired by the platform, sellers are permanently restricted.

34. If sellers falsify any of the certification materials, their accounts will be closed by the platform. They will be retired from the business category. If the account voluntarily withdraws or is cleared to exit, the platform will release the store. If the account is not operated for more than one year, the platform will reserve the right to close the account.

35. If there are other violations, the platform will punish according to the rules of the seller, agreement, and terms.

36. If sellers seriously violate the relevant agreements or rules of the platform, resulting in serious damage to the interests of consumers and affecting the platform's operation. The platform shall have the right to immediately freeze the account and close the seller's operating authority.

37. Sellers may not release and sell goods restricted or prohibited in the country where they are located on the platform of the E-shop. Such as:

    (1) Drugs, precursor chemicals and drug tools;

    (2) Dangerous chemicals;

    (3) Firearms and ammunition;

    (4) Controlling appliances;

    (5) Military and police supplies;

    (6) Prohibited drugs;

    (7) Contraband medical devices;

    (8) Pornography, violence, vulgarity and aphrodisiacs;

    (9) Illicit use products;

    (10) Illegal services;

    (11) Illegal collections:

    (12) Human organs, animals and plants, and killing tools;

    (13) Endangering national security, the king's office, and insulting information;

    (14) Tobacco;

    (15) Gambling;

    (16) Sanctions and other controlled goods;

    (17) The goods that are violations of the target country/national product quality technical regulations/decree/standard, inferior quality, risky commodities;

   (18) The goods that some national laws ban on sale, the commodities that are not suitable for cross-border sales, and the products that should not be sold due to its nature


Chapter 8 Observance of the agreement

38. Sellers are obliged to comply with relevant rules and related service agreements of the platform.

39. will continue to improve the relevant rules or agreements in the process of operation.

40. This rule is valid for all sellers and has legal effect.

41. has the final power to interpret and modify this rule.

42 If sellers have any objection to the rule, the platform will have the right to select the nation or court of judgement.

43 This rule shall be implemented and effective on March 1st , 2018.