1.Registration & Login

    Click up "Register", fill in the information to get the user account of "YIGO18", set up and keep up the password.

    Click up "Log in", enter the account and password, you can enter into the "YIGO18" mall  and browse the goods. If the password input is incorrect, you can click the "forget password" in the login page and retrieve it according to the specified operation step.


2.Search for goods

    "Search for the goods" can be found in the "Search" box or the related area.


3.Add to the Cart

    Settle or move on shopping after the goods are added to the shopping Cart.



    Select the goods into the shopping Cart and click on “Settlement”, fill in the consignee information, distribution mode in detail.


5.Check out

    Check the relevant information, such as invoices, distribution methods, etc. Please leave a message in the “note information” below, and no more than 30 words.


6.Carry out

    You can inquire all information in “my order” of your account.