Account user to know

1.  WEI WEI GROUP (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. give precedence in respecting member’s data. The company reserves the right to allow members to shop in the website only. The following Terms of Use govern your use and the use of the Services.


2. you registered an account than mean you agree with all terms of use and be comed a new member.If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, do not access and/or use this Platform or the Services.


3. about password

You are advised to keep your login and password details as a secret for your sole benefits. Any action made using your login details; the company will consider it as you have done such act yourself. if you have any question about password  You should contact us and change your password immediately


4. Information about log in

The information filled during the registration process has to be true and correct. If you want to change your information you can contact us. We have a system to protect your data from being used, alter, or destroy without permission by using protection.  If we need to change your information we will ask you first.


5. Collected data

We will collected date such as

(1) Name / Address / Contact number / E-mail / Birthday / Notes from your contact / Order details and receipt

Ways of using your provided data.

(1) send an e-mail to you when you change your information and finished registered an account

(2) send an e-mail to you when you checkout order.

(3) To send produce for you

(4) when you pay the order

(5)  To tell you some information about our website.

(6) To develop / improve our product and service

(7) To contact you

(8)  To share message and picture

(9)  If we need to change your information we will ask you first

We do not disclose your information to outside company or person except the following case

(1)  For send produce

(2)  For pay the order

(3)  For reture

(4)  For external data processing or partner businesses that provides service to you

(5)  For legal purposes


6. You should not to do

You should not use our service and produce for some improper purpose but 

You should not use our Service-Terminal with third parties for some improper purpose

If you share a computer with others, you should not save your log-in information on that shared computer

You should ensure that all Personal Data submitted to us is complete, accurate, true and correct.

You should not use credit card for improper purpose when you checkout

You should not use Email and password for some improper purpose

You should not to violate the benefit of the Third Party and YIGO

You should not to damage the benefit of the Third Party and YIGO

You should not to Violation of the law

You should not have some behavior which YIGO not agree


7. cancel your account

To the following  YIGO can cancel your account before sent message to you and we not have responsibility

(1)  Your behavior Violation of the law

(2)  You use our service for some Improper purpose

(3)   You use password wrong many times

(4)   You have debt with YIGO

(5)  You cancel your order many times in three days

(6)  Minor use our website with not allow of a parent or guardian.

(7) With some situation by law and our provision


8. Changes to this policy

YIGO reserves the right to modify and change the Privacy Statement at any time. Any changes to this policy will be published on our site.