How to manage a shop

Correctly describing the commodity information to be published can not only improve the transaction rate, but also avoid unnecessary transaction disputes caused by the mismatch of the seller's trade description. Incorrect release description will disturb the transaction order of Easy-buy mall. Improper description of the issue may lead to the deletion of illegal goods, the restriction of accounts, and the freezing of accounts of serious cases. When publishing goods, sellers should pay special attention to the following rules:


  • Selecting the correct classification of goods

           Commodities must be published in the correct category, such as the published goods exist multi-level sub-classification, the goods need to be published in the corresponding sub-category. For example: “Rings” need to be published in the “Jewelry > Ring” category and cannot be entered in the “Jewelry > other” category.


  • Proper setting of commodity location

          The seller must truthfully fill in the place where the goods are mailed out in the “commodity location” column: In general, the location of the commodity needs to match the account information. If the commodity is located outside the country or in another country, it is important to choose the real location at the time of publication (Not declaring only in the description of the goods) to avoid unnecessary future transaction disputes; Special attention should be paid to the setting of freight to match the location of the commodity;

          If the account information is China, the commodity is located in Thailand, the goods are photographed by a Thai seller, the freight price must be matched with the local freight in Thailand, and cannot be set as the freight from China to Thailand.

          If the account information is China and the commodity is also located in China, the goods are photographed by a Thai seller; and then freight price should include the local freight from China to Thailand and the tariff should also be calculated, and should not only calculate the freight from China to Thailand. The tariff must be taken into account.


  • Use links that meet the standards of Easy-buy malls

          When Easy-buy publishes a product, you can use links in the product description to help promote the product. However, some types of links are not allowed. For example, you cannot link to a personal or commercial website. Note in particular that this link policy applies to “you can direct users to text or pictures that are not easily purchased (Such as a photo, a trademark, or an icon)”, and no link can point to a page containing information on the sale of goods other than Easy-buy.


  • Commodity picture standards

          High quality pictures can provide buyers with a better shopping experience and make products easier to sell, so Easy-buy Mall has a set of detailed standards for the release of merchandise pictures:


  • All merchandise releases must contain at least one picture;
  • The resolution of the picture shall not be less than 500 pixels;(it is suggested to be higher than 800 pixels)
  • The picture shall not contain any border, text or illustration;
  • Second-hand goods are not allowed to use catalog images of Easy-buy;
  • Be sure to respect intellectual property rights and not to steal other people's pictures and descriptions.(For details, see the intellectual property section)
  • Presale release must comply with pre-sale publishing rules

          Presale release is when the seller publishes goods that they did not have at the time of release. Such published goods are usually pre-published before the date of delivery to the public.

The seller shall guarantee that the goods will be delivered within 30 days from the date of purchase (That is, the day of the end of the release or the date of purchase of the goods from the store of the shopping mall), and Easy-buy Mall allows it to release pre-sale goods in a limited manner.


The sellers who publish (pre sold) goods at Easy-buy must indicate at the time of release: 

A. the goods are pre-sold, and the date of delivery should be indicated, guaranteeing that the goods will be delivered within 30 days from the date of publication;

In addition, the text must be (at least) in HTML font with size 3. For any pre-sale items that do not indicate this information, Easy-buy mall will end its release.

Please note that when Samsung and Apple launch popular consumer products, Easy-buy mall will develop a corresponding independent pre-sale policy. If you intend to release such products, please check the online notice of Easy-buy mall in time.


  • Compliance with HTML and JavaScript coding rules

Easy-buy Mall prohibits members from using the following specific types of HTML and JavaScript encoded text features in the distribution of goods. Violation of this release rule will result in the deletion of online goods, multiple violations will result in restricted accounts, and serious accounts will be frozen. Users are advised to read the release rules before publishing to avoid unnecessary violations.


The following types are both HTML and JavaScript violations:

  • HTML or JavaScript used to place or read Cookie on any shopping mall page
  • HTML or JavaScript that redirects users from Easy-buy mall to other pages(For example, “replace” code)

  • HTML or JavaScript that automatically calls remote code and pages (For example, includes or iframes of JavaScript)

  • HTML or JavaScript that can change logon items or write to other users’ computer hard drives

  • HTML or JavaScript for creating an automatic pop-up window(Exception: when the user clicks the link opens in a new window)

  • HTML or JavaScript that can automatically post code in Easy-buy mall

  • HTML or JavaScript that automatically loads any binary program on another user's computer(Exceptions: Flash content)

  • The ability to automatically override the HTML or JavaScript of any area outside the trade description area on a published commodity