The code of the seller

Chapter 1.Summary

1.1 Easy-buy purchasing Mall is committed to promoting a new, open, transparent, shared and accountable business civilization.  in order to maintain and optimize the operating rules of Easy-buy shopping mall platform (Http://, better protect the legitimate rights and interests of the vast number of users, the following rules (hereinafter referred to as “these rules”) are formulated.

1.2 These rules add basic obligations or limit basic rights to Easy-buy mall users.

1.3 Easy-buy Mall is entitled to determine whether the seller violates the law according to website rules (including these rules), and strictly punish according to the rules of the site.

1.4 Easy-buy Mall has the right to change these rules at any time and publish them on its website. If the seller does not agree to the relevant changes, he should immediately stop using the related services or products of Easy-buy mall platform.


Chapter 2 Definition

2.1 Easy-buy mall platform, according to the content of the context, refers to the domain name of the network trading platform; Easy-buy shopping mall platform is also referred to as “Easy-buy mall”.

2.2 Users refer to the users of the various services of the Easy-buy shopping mall. Regardless of whether or not to register, those who use the services provided by shopping mall, including browsing the shopping mall’s web page, are users of Easy-buy shopping mall.

2.3 Member refers to the user who has completed the registration process in the Easy-buy shopping mall, and each account corresponds to a unique member ID.

2.4 Buyer refers to a user who browses or purchases a commodity on Easy-buy  shopping mall platform.

2.5 Sellers refer to members who can use the function of publishing goods on the Easy-buy shopping mall platform.


Chapter 3 Seller’s basic obligation

3.1 Any behavior of the seller on the Easy-buy shopping mall platform should comply with the laws and regulations of the country where the platform operates and the rules of the website.

3.2 The seller shall comply with normative documents such as the laws, administrative regulations and departmental regulations of the State in which he is located. These rules shall apply to any act suspected of violating the laws, administrative regulations or departmental regulations of the State in which they are located, as provided for in these rules; Where there is no provision in these rules, Easy-buy sellers shall have the right to deal with them at their discretion. However, Easy-buy’s disposal of sellers cannot be exempted from their legal liability.

3.3 As a seller of the trading market, the seller is obliged to understand and familiarize himself with the buyer’s market regulations in the course of the transaction and to cooperate with the buyer to complete the transaction.

3.4 Publication of prohibited commodity information shall be prohibited.

3.5 The seller shall respect the intellectual property rights of others, and the Easy-buy Mall platform shall prohibit sellers from publishing without authorization and selling goods involving infringement of the intellectual property rights of third parties.

3.6 The seller shall abide by the principles of good faith, such as timely fulfillment of order requirements, fulfillment of service commitments, etc., and shall not engage in any dishonest behavior such as false transactions, false delivery, or improper delivery of goods.

3.7 The seller shall fulfill the obligation to describe the goods truthfully, and the seller shall provide all the channels provided by the shopping mall, such as the commodity description page, the shop page, etc. The basic attributes, color, defects and other information of the goods must be described in a true and complete manner.

3.8 The seller shall ensure that the goods for which he sells are used normally within a reasonable period of time, including that the commodity does not have the unreasonable danger that endangers the personal property safety, the commodity has the use performance which the commodity should have, conforming to the adoption standard on commodity or its packaging and so on.

3.9 If sellers do not comply with the above basic obligations, Easy-buy mall reserves the right to punish, and those with bad influence will be directly removed by Easy-buy.


Chapter 4 Transaction

4.1 Registration

4.1.1 The mailboxes used by sellers in Easy-buy Mall and the shop name of Easy-buy shall not contain relevant information such as violation of national laws and regulations, suspected infringement of the rights of others or interference with the operation order of the Mall.

4.1.2 The seller in mainland China shall not use false information to register with the seller's account of another country in Easy-buy mall. If there is reasonable grounds for suspecting that the seller in mainland China uses false information to register the seller’s account of another country in the mall, Easy-buy Mall has the right to close the seller’s member account and punish the seller according to the violation.

4.1.3 Easy-buy Mall has the right to terminate and recover accounts that have not been authenticated and have not been recorded for one consecutive year.

4.1.4 The account of a user in Easy-buy mall is closed for serious irregularities and may not be re-registered; If it is found that the account has been re-registered, the Easy-buy Mall will close the member account.

4.1.5 The mailbox registered for use by a user in Easy-buy mall must be the registered person'’ own mailbox, and the mall shall have the right to verify the mailbox.

4.1.6 The membership ID of the eEaasy-buy Mall is automatically assigned by the system and cannot be modified.

4.1.7 If the seller has been certified (identity authentication or other certification required by the shopping mall), no matter whether the account status is open or not, it may not be unbound with personal identity information.

4.1.8 A certified member with a real name can have only Easy-buy mall account (which refers to the main account). The choice of “personal real name authentication” or “enterprise certification” will determine the nature of the shopping mall as an individual or enterprise, and determine the main body of the account of Easy-buy mall. No member account shall be transferred, leased or lent in any way unless expressly prescribed by law, judicial ruling or with the consent of Easy-buy mall; If there is a related act, all liability arising from this shall be borne by the members themselves, and the Easy-buy Mall shall have the right to close this account of Easy-buy Mall.


4.2 Operations

4.2.1 Seller member should bind his account with real name authentication account, personal (or enterprise) identity or other authentication methods that may be provided to the mall, provide real effective name or address or business license and other information, so that he can issue goods in Easy-buy mall.

4.2.2 When the seller’s member account is established through the authentication of the real name of the seller and the collection account, the seller can publish the goods and publish and list not less than ten commodities.


4.3 Overtime provisions

4.3.1 Buyer’s payment timeout: If the buyer fails to pay or the payment fails to be transferred within 20 days of placing the order, the order is closed over time.

4.3.2 Cancellation of order by buyer: The buyer may apply for cancellation of the order from the time the buyer pays successfully until the seller delivers the goods. After the buyer applies to cancel the order, the seller can negotiate with the buyer. If the seller agrees to cancel the order, the order will be closed and returned to the buyer in full. If the seller does not agree to cancel the order and has completed the shipment, the order continues; If the seller does not do anything until the delivery time, the order closed the full refund to the buyer; If the seller delivers part of the order and does not complete the full delivery of the order within the delivery period, the order closes and the purchase price is returned to the buyer in full.

4.3.3 Seller’s delivery timeout: From the time when the buyer's payment is successful until the stock is ready, if the seller cannot deliver the goods in time, he can negotiate with the buyer to extend the seller’s stocking period, and the seller should deliver the goods within the negotiation period. If the seller does not complete the full shipment during the stocking period, the delivery time of the order is closed and the full payment is refunded to the buyer.

4.3.4 Buyer confirms receipt timeout: The buyer shall confirm the receipt of the goods within the delivery time promised by the seller from the time when the seller declares the full shipment, during which the seller shall communicate the receipt with the buyer in a timely manner; If the buyer has not confirmed the receipt of the goods and has not applied for a refund, the buyer of the order confirms the receipt time out and considers the transaction to be completed.


4.4 Logistics

4.4.1 Easy-buy Mall supports sellers to use air, land and waterway logistics, including UPS, DHL, FedExx, TNT, EMS, BKK International Logistics, China Shunfeng, China Post, Hongkong Post Air Parcel Service and other logistics designated by Easy-buy in the future .

4.4.2 When the seller fills in the delivery notice, the shipping slip number must be true.

4.4.3 The seller must register if he delivers goods in the form of a China Post Air package.

4.4.4 The seller needs to choose the logistics delivery channel carefully, and the platform encourages the seller to choose the on-line delivery logistics channel provided by the shopping mall. Easy-buy Mall can only recognize the following logistics tracking information: Online delivery logistics tracking information, EMS official website of EMS official website of FedEx official network of Tall official network, Shunfeng official website, EMS official website, BKK official network to provide logistics tracking information. For the logistics tracking information that cannot be verified and false, Easy-buy Mall has the right not to recognize them.


4.5 Disputes

4.5.1 After the seller has delivered the goods and completed the delivery notice, if the buyer has not received the goods or is not satisfied with the goods received, he may apply for a refund within three days after the arrival of the goods or within three days after the receipt of the goods, and the dispute arises when the buyer submits the refund application.

4.5.2 When the buyer submits or modifies the dispute, the seller must “accept” or “reject” the buyer’s refund application within 5 days, otherwise the order will be executed on the basis of the refund amount submitted by the buyer.

4.5.3 If the buyer and seller reach an agreement through consultation, the operation shall be carried out in accordance with the refund agreement reached between the parties; If no agreement can be reached, it is submitted to EPS for an award.

(1)The buyer can submit the refund application to Easy-buy mall for adjudication after the seller rejects the refund application.

(2)If the buyer fails to reach a refund agreement with the seller within 15 days after the first filing of the refund application and the buyer does not cancel the dispute, on the 16th day system will automatically submit to the Easy-buy mall for dispute adjudication.

(3)If the buyer filed a refund application for “goods in transit”, the system will reach the limit of 6 days after the automatic submission of Easy-buy Mall for adjudication.

4.5.4 In order to improve the buyer’s experience and the confidence towards Easy-buy platform and the sellers of Easy-buy mall, Easy-buy mall encourages the seller to actively negotiate with the buyer, reach an agreement as soon as possible, and minimize the involvement of the Easy-buy mall; If the dispute is submitted to Easy-buy Mall, Easy-buy Mall will make a one-off ruling based on the evidence provided by both parties, and the seller agrees to accept Easy-buy ruling; Moreover, if Easy-buy mall finds that the seller has violations, Easy-buy mall will at the same time give punishment to the seller.

4.5.5 Within 5 working days after the dispute is submitted to the mall for dispute adjudication, the mall will intervene and deal with the dispute.

4.5.6 If a refund agreement is reached between the buyer and seller and the buyer agrees to return the goods, the buyer shall complete the delivery of the returned goods and fill in the delivery notice within 10 days after the conclusion of the refund agreement. The resellers will be dealt with in accordance with the following circumstances:

(1)If the buyer fails to fill in the delivery notice within 10 days, the refund process will be terminated and the transaction completed;

(2) The buyer fills in the delivery notice within 10 days and the seller confirms the receipt within 30 days., and Easy-buy mall will execute in accordance with the refund agreement;

(3) If the buyer fills in the delivery notice within 10 days, the seller does not confirm the receipt within 30 days and the seller has not put forward a dispute, Easy-buy mall will execute according to the refund agreement.

(4)Within 30 days after the buyer returns the goods and fills in the return information, if the seller does not receive the return or the goods received are not correct, the seller can also submit to the shopping mall for dispute adjudication.


4.6 Loans

In order to ensure the transaction security of the “Easy-buy 18” platform and to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the buyer and seller, the payment should be collected and paid on behalf of the “Easy-buy 18” platform. The time for collection and payment shall be:

1. After the completion of the buyer’s order, the payment will be made to the account of the “Easy-buy 18” platform, which will be temporarily kept in custody by the “Easy-buy 18”.

2. After the seller completes the delivery and the buyer confirms the receipt of the goods, the platform staff will confirm with the buyer and obtain the agreement to pay:

A) Payments are made within a certain period after shipment, with the fastest lending time being 3 days after shipment;

(B) Loans after the end of the buyer's protection period;

C)If the account is closed and there is no violation of the contract, the loan shall be made 180 days after shipment.


4.7 Search ranking

4.7.1 The ranking of products on Easy-buy mall platform search page is due to a number of factors, including: The quality of information description of goods, the correlation between the goods and the buyer’s search demand, the ability to trade and transform the goods, the service ability of the seller, and the situation of cheating in the search. Easy-buy mall platform has the right to develop other criteria for search ranking according to specific circumstances.