Online payment instructions

Online payment instructions

Here's the payment mode we can offer buyers:

You can use Paypal , credit or debit card payment, WeChat or Alipay, bank transfer, cash on delivery and other payment methods in the platform. We will provide more other payment methods including Rabbit Line pay and so on. Before you purchase products, please check the list to confirm which payment method the seller can support.

Once you purchase an item that has a fixed price and buy it immediately, you can pay for your order by the above payment methods.

When you confirm and pay for the order, be sure to confirm or change your shipping method. If your payment account is already bundled with your account of the platform, you can confirm and pay immediately. If you are not bound with your account or if you do not yet have an online payment, you can choose another payment method, such as a credit or debit card. You can also choose cash on delivery, bank transfer, etc. Then you need to confirm your order information and address information for merchants to ship.

You will receive an email that your payment has been received, and then your shipment will be shipped.


To speed up checkout, you can:

Save your payment details.

Select Paypal as your first payment choice..

If you have questions about your paypal account, please contact them directly.

 Buyer protection

A money-back will be guaranteed at the platform. When you pay with Paypal, your order value is protected, including shipping costs.

 Other collection instructions

For certain categories of items (such as cars or real estate) or buyers who personally pick up the goods, the seller can also select payment, pick up (cash on delivery), bank transfer, check, or other payment modes. These modes are not included in the platform’s refund guarantee.