The delivery partners provided by the platform include DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, etc. Along with the increase in the number of partners, we will announce a new list of logistics suppliers from time to time. Provide more convenient logistics for sellers and buyers.


Domestic delivery: Average 7-15 working days

International delivery: Average 15-25 working days

The above delivery arrival time is for reference only and may be delayed or be in advance slightly.


Please select different delivery according to your needs on the Order Confirmation page.


The special reminder is that due to the different time required for customs clearance of goods, the goods may be delayed due to customs clearance. Please wait patiently before the buyer has received the goods.


Meanwhile, as customs clearance of goods requires a certain tariff, sellers shall fully consider the tariffs and transportation costs of the goods before shipping the goods, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.


The same type of goods, because of different delivery choices, the order amount may also be different.