Return rules

Return rules:

(1)Goods not received

If the goods are not delivered within the specified time, contact the buyer to provide the following information to Easy-buy shopping mall platform: Clear invoice (Non network screenshot), certificate of signature, email records with buyers (if any). Easy-buy shopping mall platform will verify the information provided by the seller. If the order is sent through Easy-buy shopping mall logistics service, the seller simply needs to provide email records with buyers (if any).

The reasons for not receiving the goods may be the loss of the goods in transit, the seller’s omission or forgetting to deliver the goods, the fact that the goods are still in transit, the delay due to customs clearance or the prohibition of the exit of the goods by customs, etc. ; If the goods are lost, missed and forgotten, Easy-buy platform requires the seller to reissue the goods at the fastest speed, and then deal with the related matters.; In case of delay in transit or due to customs clearance, the seller shall negotiate amicably with the buyer, seek understanding and ask the buyer to wait patiently; If the goods are prohibited from leaving the country by the Customs, the seller shall bear the losses resulting therefrom and return the goods to the buyer.

Easy-buy shopping mall platform reminds sellers to pay attention to: timely tracking of cargo transportation information, and timely communicating with buyers, and actively assisting in handling; Communicating with the buyer in advance about the delivery time to reduce the buyer's expectations; Be sure to deliver the goods on time, keep the delivery order after delivery, and ask for delivery certificate and delivery certificate from express delivery.


(2)The goods do not conform to the description, such as quality problems, damage problems, etc.

The seller shall ensure that the goods issued are free of quality, trademark and damage problems.

If the goods have been returned by the buyer with the consent of the seller, they shall be handled by the seller. There is no reason to return the goods and the seller will bear all the expenses.

If the buyer receives the goods with the above problems, he should notify the seller at the first time, and take photos and keep the necessary evidence, and ask the seller to deal with it. The seller should actively return and exchange the goods after receiving the buyer’s suggestion.'

If the goods received by the buyer do not have the described discrepancy or quality problems, buyers cannot deliberately refuse to pay the goods on the grounds of quality or breakage. Easy-buy mall platform will deal with the disputes between two sides based on the actual evidence.

Easy-buy mall platform reminds sellers to pay attention: Product should have detailed and adequate description, strictly in accordance with the product description of the transaction; Communicate with the buyer before and after the transaction, let the other party understand the actual situation of the product; ensure the quality of products and eliminate the sale of imitation products; Contact buyer for refund after return; Finally, pay attention to packing the goods strictly to avoid damage.


Additional instructions for classification of return type

For the quality problem, buyer needs to issue the test report or the original proof document which is the quality problem confirmed by the official, and Easy-buy mall platform requests the seller to return the goods or the refund after carrying on the verification.

Spillage loss, missing goods and damage, spills, breakage in the course of logistics including, but not limited to, the above circumstances, after verification, the seller must return or refund the goods, and the buyer shall provide physical picture information and relevant evidence.



After the customer confirms the receipt of the goods, the customer can submit a return application under the premise of clear non-customer responsibility. Non-customer liability generally refers to non-customer causes such as: The damage and overflow caused by the logistics link, the quality problems of the goods themselves, the misdistribution of the warehouse, the complete discrepancy with the information description of the front page, etc.

For the goods sold by the combination, only the return service is provided for the single or more goods which meet the above return standards, and not extended to all the commodities of the combination;

If you return goods purchased by using coupons or participating in full return activities, you can convert them in proportion to the actual amount you have paid, and then settle the returns.(the obtained / enjoyed preferential means: purchasing an order of goods enjoy a reduction of reaching some full amount; purchasing single product enjoys the reduction of amount equal to full amount.) Cash coupons are refundable when the complete order is returned (As a result of return the voucher failed to return), and full-deduction coupon is not refundable.

In particular, no return shall be made in the following circumstances:

The special instructions section on the commodity details page has stated that “do not support unjustified return”, for non-quality and delivery issues, return is not supported;

Any goods not sold in Easy-buy mall shall not be returned; Containing anti-counterfeiting code goods, once the anti-counterfeiting code coating is scraped or altered, the goods shall not be returned; Goods containing anti-counterfeiting labels shall not be returned as soon as they are torn or altered; The serial number of 3C digital products and the goods out of stock are not consistent with the return of goods; And other goods that cannot be judged whether they are sold by Easy-buy shopping malls shall not be returned;

The commodity page clearly informs that the goods that belong to the temporary insurance goods shall not be returned;

The quality problem caused by the customer's unauthorized alteration of the goods shall not be returned;

Accessories, warranty cards and other missing or unable to match the main goods are not returned;

Webpage commodity picture and information is for reference only. , Because of the lighting and the color difference of different displays, there may be a color difference between the material and the web page. It does not belong to the quality problem and the goods are not returned.

Due to the difference between the personal ability or the use environment of the customer and the property of the goods, customers misreport the reason for returning, and the return is not supported.

Other commodities that do not support return in accordance with the law or these rules shall not be returned.

Modification of this return Policy

We will revise the terms of the return policy from time to time, which will form part of the return policy, and you will be required to comply with the newly revised return policy terms.