Returned Purchase

Step one fill in the return application

Please return the goods within the time limit (Please pay attention to the description of the goods), enter the “personal center →My order”, click “apply after sale” , fill in return application.


Step two, wait for customer service to confirmation

After the return application is submitted, the customer service of Easy-buy will confirm in 1-3 days. The confirmation result will be sent to you through the information in the station in time.


Step three, send out the returned goods

After the return application is passed, please select the logistics company to send it back according to the information and the address provided on the return page.

If the seller is required to bear the freight, please pay the freight in advance.

After the return items are sent out, please update the return logistics information according to the request on the order return page.

To ensure the smooth delivery of your goods, please ensure that the logistics information is true and effective, while keeping your contact number open.

(If you do not fill in the name and Waybill Information of the returned logistics company after 30 days from the date of the application, you will automatically turn the application form to the closing of the audit.)


4Th steps, after the seller receives the return, confirm the refund

The seller will initiate a refund application within 7 working days after receiving the check of the returned goods. Refunds and freight will be returned to your account at the time of your order by way of transfer according to the payment you made at the time of purchase.

If the goods do not comply with the return policy, the freight will be borne by you, and you need to bear the freight for the return of the goods.

If the goods are sent back without application of after sales or authorization, the losses caused by the loss of the goods and the wrong mailing address shall be borne by the user, and Easy-buy shall have the right to collect the comprehensive storage fee from the user.