Common problem

Q : Can I sell on Yi-go if I am not good at English, Thai and Vietnamese?

A : Yes, Seller can operate your e-shop in Chinese. Custom Service would help you on launching products in English, Thai, Vietnamese, also the communicate assistance while place order.


Q : What is the requirement for selling on Yi-go? Any certification is required?

A : Business license, ID or Passport, contact information and Bank Account information are required for seller who is from China and ASEAN.


Q : What we will be benefited from selling on Yi-go?

A : 1.There are three Billions consumers from both China and ASEAN, but not only Chinese market.

     2.No agencies or distributers among the product supply chain. Profit gain more than traditional sales.

     3.Your products can reach two third of the population of the world by four languages and well promoted via Yi-go.

     4.Each product page access to different country with its own language, it enhances the marketing vastly.

     5.It is such a huge market and unbelievable profits within.


Q : How to settle payment if sell on Yi-go?

A : Buyer pays the amount to Yi-go(as third party) after each order. Yi-go holds the payment till buyer confirms receive and notify Yi-go to release payment to seller.


Q : What are the payment methods on Yi-go?

A : Currently, we have Paypal, Credit Card, Wechat, AliPay, Prompt-Pay. More payment ways are coming soon.


Q : How the goods will be sent out if sell on Yi-go?

A : We offer many ways to ship out the goods, say, EMS, FEDEX for international delivery. Small package (under 2KG) can be arranged by the international delivery service from Yi-go. Large ones can take the oversea warehouse service operated by Yi-go.


Q : How to do the custom clearance if sell on Yi-go?

A : Our oversea warehouses in both China and ASEAN offer service of custom clearance and logistical issues.


Q : How do Yi-go promote itself aboard?

A : China and ASEAN share the same page, but ASEAN promotion is differ from domestic. Currently, we have cooperated with GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINE for advertising and linked to some popular webs. Promotions and advertisements are on some oversea newspaper and TV as well.


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