Yi-go( is an online shopping site, a e-commerce business tool for China and ASEAN market. As one of the stages of China-ASEAN economic integration, Yigo aims to encourage the commodity exchanges and connect the selling and buying need among this area. There are about two billions people in Southeast Asia, which is larger than China. Selling on line and export directly to consumers of those areas, it is definitely a convenient and efficient way for Chinese Enterprises to explore Southeast Asian market.


The Southeast Asian economic developed dramatically in recent years and people’s standard of living step up accordingly. China and Southeast Asian are neighborhood and share similar buying behaviors, which is a great advantage for Chinese products export. Seeing that the more and more severe fight in domestic market, the development and profit is getting limited if we do not open up to a new market. Southeast Asian area, a near and huge market. Isn’t it?


More than 20% margin gain for export than domestic sales. What are you waiting for?


Let’s sell on Yi-go!